Repentance: What it Is and Isn't (Matthew 3:1-12)

The message of John the Baptist was, "Repent". When one considers that Jesus teaches that without repentance we will perish (Luke 13) we had better be sure we understand what repentance is and if it has taken place in our lives.  (February 16, 2020 - Pastor Gary)

John the Baptist: His Ministry and Message (Matthew 3:1-12)

Even those with minimal Bible knowledge have likely heard of John the Baptist. But who is this strange man who dressed in a coat of hair and ate locusts and wild honey? He becomes even more intriguing when we learn that Jesus tells us that there has been no one born who is greater than John. What was John's message? Is his message ours?  (February 9, 2020 - Pastor Gary)

Herod, the Dragon and the War that Continues (Matthew 2)

Most of us know the tragic story of King Herod and his Slaugher of the Inncocents. What we may not know is that someone more powerful than Herod was behind his attempt to kill the infant Jesus.  (February 2, 2020 - Pastor Gary)

The God Who Calls Men from Afar (Matthew 2)

The wise men, the magi, whatever we call them, we are very familiar with their journey to the infant Jesus. Why does the Bible tell us about their visit? What does their desire to see the newborn Christ reveal about God? (January 26, 2020 - Pastor Gary)

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