Sermons on Ruth

Ruth 3

As we come into the 3rd chapter of Ruth, we have certain expectations. Many of us are hoping that after the 7 week-silence at the end of chapter 2, there might yet be a blossoming romance between Ruth and Boaz. But at first glance, we don’t get the romance we hoped for. Yet, if we…

Ruth 2

Most of us have experienced what might be termed “chance” encounters – perhaps with people we know or people we had always wanted to meet. We have such an encounter in the 2nd chapter of Ruth – except that for God’s people, there are no “chance” encounters. Rather, there is the steady, reliable hand of God…

Ruth 1: 6-22

After the tragedy of the first five verses, we’re hoping for something more uplifting. But between the weeping, the leaving, and the bitter words, it seems that we’ll not find them in the rest of chapter 1. Yet, perhaps grief is not all there is. Perhaps, at the end, grief gives way to grace.

Ruth 1: 1-5

Stories don’t have to be lengthy to be meaningful. Sometimes, a few pages or even a few words speak volumes. That is true of the first 5 verses of Ruth. They are brief, but they tell a meaningful – and tragic – story. But the point of the story is not to elicit sadness, but…

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