Sunday Nights @6:30pm

There is no more exciting time than young adulthood. Childhood is behind and a life of decisions and experiences are before you. There may also be no more challenging time in life than young adulthood. Decisions and consequences become increasingly our own. Young adults have come to the place in life where they must decide what they believe and how they will live.

East Gate's young adult group exists to provide a place for young adults (post-highschool and college age) to gather together to examine life in the light of Scripture. Is there such a thing as unchanging truth? What is the purpose of marriage? Sexuality? Is the path everyone else is taking safe?

We at East Gate Presbyterian believe that God can work powerfully in and through young people whose hearts are given to Him. We also believe that this generation is desparately in need of faithful, courageous young Christians and this group exists to help young adults become just that.